Friday, May 28, 2010

MPS Father's Day Challenge - Coin Chomping Robot Jar

Father's Day is around the corner so what better than a Father's Day challenge. For this project I decided to make a coin jar. As you can see I tried not to put any "Dad" words on it, so this could be a versatile gift for any male or fatherly figure in you life. I might even keep this gift for myself hehe just kidding! Anyway, it was a very simple project to make.

The recipe includes:
Glass Jar
Robotz Cricut cartridge (robot, $ signs, and font)
Paper and strong adhesive tape (ATG)

If you decide to make this jar, your measurements will vary. My jar had square-like things on each side. They were about 3 inches in height, so my dollar signs were cut at 2.75". The robot on the lid is cut at 3". The font was cut at 1.5" and the tiny $ was cut at .75"

I used SU cardstock and the ATG 714 to attach all my images on the glass. I love how it is still sticking. I don't think it will fall apart anytime soon :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

MPS May Family project

It's baby season in my family!!!!! I'm so excited. Not only will we have 2 new additions, but there are 2 girls at work that are also expecting! So here is what I came up with for this month's Family themed project

Pregnancy Survival Kit
The recipe for the outside is as follows:
New Arrival cart (5.5 mom)
A Child's Year cart (2 inch font)
Family and Friends Stamp Set by My Pink Stamper
me & my BIG ideas flower stickers

I used paper for all of this. I was a little nervous about paper not sticking properly, but the ATG 714 did wonders! It's held up nicely.

I layered the can with an assortment of colored tissue paper. The bottom layer includes some items for the moms such as socks, panty liners (for urine loss hehe), tea, stretch mark cream, hand cream, foot cream, etc. The top layer of the can includes some thoughtful items. I printed the following on a card and placed it in the can with all the items:

Tissue - Because now you cry during all the Hallmark commercials.
Antacid - To help your tummy forgive you for the little thing you couldn't pass up.
Rubberband - To remind you that you won't always be huge... You'll get to keep the stretch marks for the rest of your life.
Penny - To help start saving for that college fund.
Tootsie Roll - To help you satisfy that Chocolate craving.
Puzzle piece - So you won't forget that your life would not be complete without the precious little one that you are expecting

And the best part is that I was able to find EVERYTHING at my dollar store =D

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Scrapper

I think I just sold my BFF on the Cricut. I just bought my Expression, so I gave her my baby bug along with some paper and other materials to start off with. I only showed her the basics and I think she is now hooked! I do hope so!!!! I need a scrapping buddy :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Video

I posted a video for Challenge #1. If you go down to challenge #1, you will now see the video where I demonstrated how to make the flower pot.