Friday, April 2, 2010

Mini Marker Holder and Microbeads review

So I've had the mini marker holder from Custom Crops, but had never gotten around to using it partly because I didn't have any mini markers! I was at Michael's today making some returns and found individual mini markers there. I only bought the black because I wanted to try out the holder first. I will definitely be returning to buy the whole set! I love how this thing works. I never used the Cricut markers, so I was amazed at what I was able to do with the mini marker holder :) Anyway, here is a picture of what I drew out. I used the Create a Critter cart for this. I think I'll be using the mini marker holder more often to make some great coloring pages for my students as a free time activity.
I also had some Martha Stewart glass microbeads I've never tried, so since I was just playing around with the markers i decided to try out the beads. As you can see, it looks like crap with the beads! I glued them on with the Elmer's glue pen. So from trail and error, the beads would work best as small details instead of gluing them on a larger surface.


  1. This is just too cute. I love how the images turned out using the marker. I guess I'll have to get mine back out and practice...

  2. I use the markers a lot but i do not have the holder.

    I do not know how the beads look in real person but i do like it from here.

  3. I have not used markers yet. I am just going to have to try. I love this page.